Friday, September 5, 2008

Week in Review

First day of school photo 2008

Well, what a week it's been, and it's over almost. As I reported here and here, school started off with it's bad and good points.

Yesterday, his second full day, seemed to go off without a hitch, especially since I canceled bussing in the morning, makes like so much easier. It was even reported that he ate his lunch at school! Chicken nuggets, a hash brown and juice! A breakthrough!

Today was a little rockier apparantly. His teacher emailed me that he ate one bite lunch today and then commenced to tell everyone how gross it was. I had promised him that if he ate lunch, he would get a little surprise, and I guess long story short, he thought taking a bite would warrant the promised surprise. When his teacher disagreed with him on this matter, he laid an F bomb down as naturally as one at 9 years old shouldn't. He got a time out, what a surprise. His teacher did call and we talked at length about the situation, deciding that I would come up ,with his help, a list of alternative words he could use instead of f%^&. This is something we did not too many months ago, and I really thought we nipped this problem in the butt but apparantly not. Mrs. Murray was extremely understanding and even said she felt bad for him at the instance that he did it, because he was so frustrated about the whole lunch thing. We talked strategies concerning other matters. It made me feel great that she cared enough to call on a Friday afternoon, the first week of school. She rocks so far.

It's funny, but I think my whole attitude has changed over the years and I am not feeling as bewildered and worried and terrified, and freaked out as I used to at the beginning of school. I of course want him to do well most of all and I worry about that more than anything, but there's a little comfort in having done this for so many years and knowing what to expect. I kinda figured he would cuss at school at some point, I kinda figured he wouldn't eat his lunch, I kinda figured he'd eat the erasers off his pencils like she reported to me as well over the phone tonight. I am not surprised anymore at the "odd" or "bad" things that can and do happen. But what I am surprised at was the report that he really wanted recess, that's a new one. I was surprised at him talking about a kid he knew at his other school from regular ed and how he saw him at his new school, and he seemed glad about it. I was surprised when he mentioned out of the blue that they had a "sembly" (that's an assembly to you and me) today. Couldn't get out of him what it was about, but he told me he had one. These are the things that surprise me and thrill me to no end.

Now, ask me how things are in a couple of months!!!...........