Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of School Follow -Up

So, I may have painted a bad picture with my
last entry, but all in all, it sounds like the day went fine. It was a half day so he got home around 12:15pm, all smiles off the bus.

The CF (I'm sorry, I'm gonna cuss for a minute because I am a huge potty mouth and use the term "cluster fuck" meaning stupid mixed up situation ALOT so in the future, I'll just use CF so an not to offend) of the day was the stupid bus pick up situation and forgive me if I already mentioned this somewhere else. His pick-up time was to be 7:47am. Why is that a CF? Well, first, we live 2 minutes from school, and secondly, school starts at 8:35, with children needing to be there by 8:30. So, should I go nuts trying to get him out of bed at a good time, rushing him to eat, rushing to get him dressed without pulling my hair out and letting my potty mouth run wild, or, should I just cancel the bus and take him myself? Well, after yesterday, the first day, I did do all those things. And guess what, I canceled today, and life was already much smoother.

Anyhoot, he came home (he'll still be riding home, so many advantages there, and he likes it) and told me several things they did, which surprised me in the short amount of time that he was there. Lo and behold, on his teacher note, she sited all the things they did and he was correct! Pretty cool.

His teacher also provided an very extensive note talking about her teaching history as well as that of the her 2 parapros that will be working in a room with 4
kids! One is even an Occupational Therapist! Again, pretty cool. She also made note that he would start to do his general ed. part of the day starting Monday, which is great considering last year, it took a month for them to start that whole procedure, which sucked.

Mrs. Muwway (Murray, but Muwway is how Casey so cutely pronounces it) also mentioned many field trips that they would be going on to teach lifeskills. That whole concept sorta bums me out in a way, because I don't want to think of him of as a kid that needs that, but he is, and I'm sure that they will teach him better than I do in everyday life. He was very excited about this prospect, asking me this morning when they would be going on the first one. Note to self, don't tell Casey about any event that you don't have a date for!

I'm not jumping to conclusions on this the second and first full day of school but I like the situation already. It all remains to be seen I guess. I'm gonna stay positive, I have to, for his sake, and my sanity!