Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nine Cold, Hard Weight Loss Truths

I thought I would share this story as I found it interesting. It's nothing to do about Autism, but everything to do about something so many of us deal with daily otherwise. Sadly, I believe it all to be true, and have known all these facts in my heart despite my not doing much about it lately.....Ok, where are my Turbo Jam Dvds, they were here 3 months ago when I gave a crap.....
Losing weight ain’t that easy. It’s not in a pill, it doesn’t (usually) happen in thirty days, and judging from the myriad plans out there, there is no one diet that works for everyone. Looking past the outrageous claims, there are a few hard...

Fiesta de Tigres!

We had a beautiful night at the ballpark last night. The Tigers were playing the "A's" and it was "Fiesta de Tigre's" night, a night to celebrate all the Tiger players from Latin America. I had heard about it on TV and thought what a great night to take Casey, considering his high interest in Spanish at this point in time. Bill got online, got some tickets, and were good to go.

It rained of course on the way, hailing even, but I had a good feeling about the night. When we got there, a Mariachi band was playing and they handed out Venezuelan flags. The tarp was on the field but we had high hopes that it would be pulled off soon. Thankfully, I had purchased 3 umbrellas at the dollar store prior to going, just in case.

We walked the concourse 3 times since it wasn't time for the game to start, Mom and Dad enjoying an adult beverage while Case walked in front of us, oblivious to our watchful eye, arms swinging, taking it all in. I finally put his Ipod on him, so people might think he was walking to the music, not that I cared too much. I had to give it to him, it was a lot of stimuli, people passing, loud music, vendors calling out to passerbys. But he took it all in, and even seemed to enjoy it.

We finally got to our seats, pizza, pretzel and nachos in tow, only to find out there was a rain delay for half an hour. I had an inner panic attack, purely based on past experiences of bringing Case to games and his lack of patience and attention at them then. I used to bring a huge bag with a hand-held game, books, suckers, whatever it took to make him happy, and whatever it took for us not to have to get up a million times and make others in row get up to let us by, scowling all the while. But my panic was for not, as we were sitting pretty close to the huge score board which became an infinite realm of distraction for Casey. There are advertisements galore on it, changing constantly, and of course photos of the players as each come up to bat, accompanied by lots of dancey music! Usually this sort of stuff is not condoned at our house, but here, it seemed unavoidable and perfectly alright, lending itself to making every one's night enjoyable. I think the Ipod helped a lot too (used to be mine, but somehow I like it some much more on him). Best of all, we were at the end of the row, making the three trips to the bathroom and breaks much easier.

The game ended with a fireworks display. I couldn't help but think back years ago when we were at a similar situation and I spent the entire time in the bathroom with a terrified, screaming boy while everyone else enjoyed the fireworks. Now he sat, holding his ears a little but mostly bouncing up and down with excitement, gazing up at the beautiful colors, me gazing at the those colors shining off his sweet face. Life was good, living in and enjoying that moment. How the years do change things, and sometimes for the better.

And, the Tigers won!