Thursday, July 31, 2008

T-shirt Idea..Good or Obnoxious?

The staring is getting worse! I have posted about this subject in the past but it has really been bothering me again lately again. I have noticed that people are getting worse and worse about staring a Casey as he is getting taller and older. I recall Autism Vox speaking in one of her blogs about Autism ribbons, and how she really doesn't like to bring more attention to her son with such items than he already brings himself.

I somewhat agree, but at the same time, I really want to make people feel silly, and a little ashamed for staring. One of my closest friends told me about these little cards that some people hand out when their child might be having a tantrum or some odd behavior that migt compell people to stare. That's an ok idea but I have begun to have my own and I'd like to throw this out to the general public and see what others think.

I would like to make Casey a t-shirt (and please, let me know if this is already in production, and where I can get one, then I won't have to even question myself if someone else thought of it) that reads-"I'M AUTISTIC..YOU CAN STOP STARING NOW!" I think that is straight to the point. And if you weren't staring and read it, then you won't be offended, but I think if you were staring and you read it, you'd feel pretty dumb, but a wee bit educated at the same time.

I just get really frustrated at the way grown-ups imparticular stare, as if he doesn't notice, or I don't. It's almost as if they have a license to stare since he might look so strange sometimes. You'd think they'd know better. I have come to terms with children staring, and if they are in close enough proximity, I might even ask them if they know Casey. When they say no, I usually reply something to the effect of "Oh, well you were staring at him so much I thought you might!". That usually gets them to come up with some excuse or they quickly leave the scene.

But I believe a t-shirt with the afore mentioned saying might just do the trick! I agree with Kristina Chew that I don't want to bring more attention than he is already bringing, but at the same time, I want people to feel dumb and realize why he is the way he is at the same time. Bill, my husband thinks it's obnoxious. I disagree. I know I should just get over it but, but, but...I can't!

Any thoughts?......