Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Casey is Back in Town

This past weekend I went to Indiana to retrieve my child who we missed very much.

It was interesting as I was driving up to my sister's house. I saw this boy who looked to be around 12 walking back and forth across their drive-way, and I thought that it was perhaps a neighbor boy. As I got closer, I realized it was my own son! He had gotten his hair cut very short and had a whole new outfit that one of the loving ladies in his life bought him. And I think he grew another inch or two while he was away. DUH!

He was extremely happy to see me as was I him. Running up to the car, he opened the passenger door right away,not to see me however but to see what I had brought as a surprise. Oops, didn't know he expected one, especially since he recieved a cavalcade of new clothing, trinkets, and videos the past week, again from loving aunties and grandma. He didn't seem too sad to see I hadn't gotten him anything and turned his attention towards me.

I got lots of hugs and kisses and noticed right away he was really talking up a storm. He had even told everyone before I got there "Get in your places everyone, mommy is coming!". His Aunt Cheryl, the occupational therapist I have mentioned in past posts, pretty much kept him off the computer and internet the entire week. She kept him extremely busy and it showed.

At home it's been really hard, he is loooooooves the computer. And he loooooves the internet particularly. I have to confess that I do let him play a lot on it even though I know it's not good. It's just hard to keep him busy when we're home with no friends in the 'hood, and having to take care of the house and things. Yes, he could do other things one would probably tell me. Yes, I know. And I also know it's affecting his attention and focus, and making his brain into poop basically.

Staying with this Aunt was really a rehab of sorts, almost like getting an addict away from drugs for awhile. The computer being his drug of choice just wasn't an option as my sister planned for the week to be busy with him. She knew she wouldn't have much time to clean, she's off the for the summer. It was the perfect set-up for her to get him away. Wish I had the same... Excuses aside, I really wanted to keep it up.

So, since being home, back to his "routine" he's been a little troubled and depressed that I haven't allowed him on the computer. I just don't want to screw up the good work that his Aunt has done. He seems so much more "on", with a little less self-talking which is always good.

Much of our conversation at the pool last night was how he wanted to play, and how I didn't want him to for various reasons, and his arguing my points. I finally came up with a funny game that involved his saying "Charmin" and my tickling him and the computer was forgotten (for anyone who doesn't know, he is infatuated with Charmin TP right now, I'm sure you understand). Guess you had to be there.

I am hoping I can carry through with this ban on computer. It's hard when he tells me before anything we do that if he does whatever well he can have computer time! It takes a lot for him to put those thoughts together, only to be shot down, but it must be done. I am hoping at some point I can let him play educational games once in awhile, but he can even find a way to perseverate on those it seems, as I've witnessed in the past.

It's nice to have the craziness back though, not wasting my anxiety on nothing like I did last week! Hopefully, life without computer will continue and get more bearable. Now if I could just get him off the tv.....Aunt Cheryl!!!!!!!