Friday, July 11, 2008

Isn't it Ironic, don't ya think?

We have a bird feeder hanging from our tree that looks like a cat head, and for awhile we put seed in it but the little trap door on the bottom kept popping open. We taped it, but kinda forgot to keep putting seed in it.

While gardening the other day, something called my attention to the forgotten cat head feeder. Having a closer look, I discovered something.
A bird had built a nest in a cat's head!

Now if that isn't ironic, I don't know what is....

Reflections on a Childless Week

The week has come and just about gone. Tomorrow I will be traveling back to Indy to get my boy and bring him back into my loving care. It's been a peaceful, but weird week.

I have to say for lack of a better word, I felt "disconbobulated". I'm spelling that phonetically of course and don't plan on using the spell check to change it, just so you get how I felt this week when you read it. It is really strange going from being on guard 24/7, wondering what one is doing at all times when not in view, from not having anyone to worry about except the cats, fish, and a hubby who blissfully expects little most of the time. Going to grocery was odd too, I am usually hurrying, trying to get dinner stuff and various snacks in time to pick him up. It was sorta nice going and shopping without having to hurry. I enjoyed that. I considered it a treat for the week.

Other "treats" of being childless included a lot of unscheduled, unpressured time that I got to do anything I wanted. I think that was what made me feel most "disconbobulated" because I am a terrible time manager. When Casey is around, we know what we are doing and when for the most part. Without him, I had planned on painting his room (in the style of Andy's room from "Toy Story" as promised before he left). Did I? Of course not, because it would entail a great amount of organizing of time that I suddenly had, and I didn't organize!

Instead, I did laundry (not fun but much needed), I worked out (which was really fun when I don't feel like it's taking time away from Casey especially), I watched tv more, which, is such a huge waste of time and something I don't do much of when he's around. But that was sort of a treat. I even sat last night and don't ask me why, but watched the whole movie of "Hell Boy". There's a "Hell Boy 2" coming out, so now I'm all set....sigh........

I think the biggest treat from being childless this week was quality time spent with the hubby. Not to sound corny, but it is really sad how much of that time disappears when you have a child. Dates are almost non existant for us due to lack of babysitters. We never really feel deprived though, it's just life. But this week made me stop and think of how nice it is to be alone with Bill, and just enjoy a tv show without having to get up and do a bath, get the boy ready for bed. We sat on our deck the other night and ate Chinese and shared a forgotten bottle of champagne I had in the frig. We enjoyed the beautiful night while listening to the 60's on 6 on the XM, discussing the music, the weather, our yard that we are proud of. It was nice having a chance to do this with no little interruptions. We fully appreciated it. Tonight we get to go to Caesars Palace in Windsor Ontario to see RIngo Starr and his band! We are going with our dear, dear friends and it should be a total blast, especially since we don't have to pay for a babysitter, or worry about what time we have to be home. Our last "hoorah" if you will!

But, I think we're both ready for our little guy to come back. I've had enough "me" time for awhile. While I like to think I add structure to his life, I've learned that he adds structure to our's as well. He also adds fun, sweetness, chaos, and silliness! We are ready to have all that back!