Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sweet Dreams are made of....the Local News!

Well, Casey's ultimate dream came true today, without his mother present unfortunately! Case has been wanting to visit a television news studio for over a year now and today he finally got to do it.

I had been trying for awhile contacting our local stations, telling them about him and getting the same reply. It was always something to the effect of you had to schedule a tour with a group. They would never just let a little guy come for half an hour on his own. We went so far last summer as to drive to the various stations, hoping if nothing else we could get in the lobby of the building and maybe put in a good word with the receptionist while Casey could look at in awe the logo for the station that would more than likely be on the wall! But when we got to the the stations, they were set up like a fortress, high fencing around the buildings with a guard station that I didn't even attempt to try to get through, despite Casey's demands to do so.

So, my big sister who he is visiting promised him awhile back that if he stayed, she would set up a tour with one of the Indiana stations. She had started early emailing various stations and anchors and even went so far as to call them and leave messages. But she never got any replies.

Yesterday, she and Casey spent the day at the Children's Museum as mentioned in my previous post. It's centrally located in the Indianapolis downtown area, so she took advantage of their location and went to a couple of the local stations that were nearby, just so he could see them.

Clearly, the stations in Indy aren't nearly as difficult as the ones here in the Detroit area to access, as is evident by this photo. They visited the local NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliate, where they actually went into the lobby with no issue. My sister talked to the receptionist about a tour, but was pretty much told the same thing I was, you had to have a group. Casey was thrilled to get some sort of business card from there pertaining to the station.

He was sad that the tour hadn't taken place at any of the stations but still aglow from getting his picture taken in front of the sign and getting the business card.

Miraculously, my sister Cheryl recieved a call this morning from a guy at the CBS station who said he had recieved her email and wanted to let her know that he had some free time this morning to let them have a private tour! He asked if she was available and trying not to fall over, she said yes, whenever! So, they made their way back down to the CBS station for the big tour!

Casey was beside himself from all reports. They got a special badge to wear and he got to sign in, which was pretty cool. He got to see the actual newsroom and meet one of the afternoon anchors. Then he got to see the studio itself! The tour guide let him stand in front of the green screen where they put the weather maps up. He even got to meet the weatherman and watch him taping a forecast for a local radio station!

Best of all, Casey got to actually sit at the news desk itself! He even got to read some news script from the teleprompter! My sister said he did really well! Perhaps his future career?

It was totally awesome and my sis said she was really proud of how good he was. He was of course giddy and over the moon with the excitement of it all, but contained himself and really enjoyed the tour! I am so glad he got to finally go, even though I wasn't there to see him get to do it (makes me want to try that much more to get a tour here!).

My sis is so wonderful and really went out of her way to make his wish come true. I am lucky to have her and my other wonderful sisters who love him so much. She was so pleased with it all, she had fulfilled her promise despite lots of obstacles.. and in the car, still giddy with excitement, he said "And tomorrow we'll tour ABC!" go sista!