Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Something for Me!

This woman to the left is my new excercise hero. Her name is Chalene Johnson and she is the creator of Turbo Jam which has quickly become my favorite workout of all time. And in the spirt of the "me time" I'm supposed to be enjoying since my boy is out of town for the week, I thought I would blog a little about my new found excercise infatuation!

I am by no means an athlete, but over the years I've always really enjoyed working out, especially to home workout videos. It all started with the Reebok Step in the early 90's (my hubby still does this one occasionally when he doesn't want to go to the gym, so it must stand the test of time!). I did that one amongst some forgotten others for several years.

Then came marriage, and then came baby, and then came a local rec center that was buil by our homes with a wonderful gym. We joined that and I utilized those facilities for a long time during my Weight Watchers stint where I lost 46lbs. (I summarily have put some of that back on, but I'm working on it). But the gym became boring, repetative.

Thanks to the world of infomercials I came upon another weight loss system called The Firm that came with this giant step, and 4 workout videos. It really kicked my butt, and unfortunately my knees as well, making it not very enjoyable to do after awhile, despite giving me great results.

And so, I languished, and gained back weight. I was totally unmotivated. During this downtime, my oldest sis kept touting this new workout her daughter loaned her called Turbo Jam. I believe I had seen the informercial, but was not as beguiled by it as The Firm, feeling it was too young, too difficult.

My sis Cheryl kept going on and on about it, saying how fun yet tough it was, that you could really feel it in your abs, etc.. Yeah yeah, me and my next sis up Sue were always the ones discovering new and exciting excercise videos, we didn't need big sis chimin' in! But of course our interest was peaked and Sue ordered the whole set. She called from Indy the first time she tried them and said she couldn't believe how fun the first one she did was, and how challenging. She promised she would make copies for me and send them, she felt so strongly about it!

And so she did. Now let's get something straight here, I am completely uncoordinated. I can't dance to save my life. And I gotta say, the first couple of times I tried Turbo Jam lead by that very enthusiastic woman at the top of the page, I got mad, and frustrated. I believe I even called Sue and said "Yeah, I don't think I'll be doing that anymore, thanks for sending them though.". Oddly though, something made me come back to it and try again. And each time it got a little easier.

Turbo Jam is sort of a mix of hip hop dance and kick boxing. Of course kick boxing involves well, yes, various kicks, and lots of punches. Chalene also integrates some form of South American martial arts that I won't even begin to try to spell, but is interesting and fun as well. The music they play is way dancey and fun and fast and really gets my energy up. I am just happy and sweaty and in pain after I'm done. I love her enthusiasm as she leads the class as well as the other people behind her doing it (who you get to meet in one of the extras on the dvd, kinda fun). I think the best part of it is the moves are aggressive, especially the punching, and I like to pretend I am punching out what ever irritated me that day, a great stress reliever.

I am in no way associated with this excercise program other than that I do it, and I'm not trying to sell it. It's just one of those things that you find that you get excited about, and want the whole world to get hooked on too! So there ya go, my newest excercise obsession.

Casey Update: He is having a marvelous time with his Aunts and spent the day today at the Indianapolis Children's museum (awesome if you ever get a chance to go with your kiddie). At this time, he is swimming, and his tired Aunt is hoping she can wear him down so he'll soon drift off!