Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Reading

I've been a little bummed that Casey is showing no interest in reading so far this summer (I wish I could just read a book all the way through). Every time I attempt to get him to read, he says that it's for school and he doesn't have to. So much for the summer reading program at the library.

Last night I was cleaning up, listening to his television playing "Toy Story" Extras for the 800th time when an idea hit me. I wondered if the script from "Toy Story" would interest him. Thank God for the internet, for lo and behold, a search directed me to the full on script. Ninety pages later and and an ink cartridge and a half, we had a copy. I hole punched it, placed it in a binder, printed out a "Toy Story" picture to put on the front and the rest was magic. I handed it to him and explained what it was. When he opened it and started reading, he couldn't stop. He placed it carefully on the floor under a light and began reading outloud each page, giving the correct intonation to each characters line the he's heard in the movie. I set up all his characters in front of him so he could "read" to them.

He continued in this manner, taking breaks to recite some "Toy Story" creation background, for over an hour, and I finally had to make him take a shower and go to bed, promising he could return to the script tomorrow. He slept well after that, his brain probably being exhausted from all the reading/acting.

Case woke this morning asking for the computer, but when reminded about his script, returned to his bed, cozied in and started reading.

Hey, whatever it takes!