Monday, June 9, 2008

Little Surprises

I am a huge flower lover, and I have really tried to establish a nice, showy garden in my front yard. I go after the colorful varieties, your ganzanias, your lobelia, impaitients, etc. So a few years back when I came upon a Columbine at a nursery, I was really excited. I had seen beautiful photos of Columbines (regretful name though) in my gardening books and they look like thisor this

or this even

Beautiful right? I waited 2 years for this thing to do it's thing and grow some flowers. More than likely I was doing something wrong, but this year, I was elated to see some buds early one Spring morn! Well, they've bloomed, and guess what....

they're white, pure white. No color whatsoever. In fact here's an actual photo of my Columbine.

Yeah, it's lovely, but it's white, sorta dull, sorta boring. As I studied my photo I began to notice the little deep inset concave areas in the flower that are really quite interesting but here's what really stuck out after I cropped to get a better view

I got a little grasshoppery thing taking up residence in my boring Columbine! He's still there after 2 weeks too! No, he's not dead!

Many may not, but I just found this interesting. What a nice little surprise!