Thursday, May 29, 2008

Subs, Tiki Torches, Cancellations and Other Good Thingss

Do you ever have one of those days where things keep rolling in your favor? I don't often but today was that way for me, so I'm allowing one entry specifically about myself!

The day started early in preparation for my working with a muckity muck from my company who I was supposed to meet up with. It was a gorgeous sunny day by the way. After getting Case on the bus, I quickly drove off, knowing I would be late meeting the guy. I was dredding the "work with" a bit. I call on gas stations and small drug stores as part of my job, and I work alone, so when you have someone "tagging" along as it were, watching your every move, it can be a bit exhausting on so many levels. It's stressful as well, wondering if the person might go back to your boss and tell them they weren't happy with this or that. Anyhoot, my cell rang and it was this person. I quickly answered "Hi, I'm sorry, I'm almost there!" Traffic was horrendous, of course. "Hey, don't rush, I'm not there," he replied "something came up and I'm going to have to cancel!". Feigning disappointment, I wished him a good day and said I looked forward to working with him in the future. The sun got a little brighter!

Soon, I was rolling with my work, getting a lot done in each account and was given a granola bar that I tried to purchase by one of my store owners, and later, offered a free bottle of whatever (damn, no booze though) for doing so much for another. Gee, that just saved me a couple of bucks!

As the afternoon progressed, one of my best girlfriends called, and the conversation turned to her birthday, which had eluded me for some reason. After much discussion concerning what wasn't going on for her birthday, I decided it would be fun to have her and her family over to celebrate at our home, with the bonus of having the Stanley Cup Playoff game on that very Saturday night for the boys to watch! Yay, plans for the weekend and we don't even have to leave home!

Later, I called on one of my bigger accounts, ok, I'll say it, Walmart. Feeling like my free and much appreciated granola bar wasn't holding me over any longer, I cruised over to the Subway in the store for a quick lunch. Low and behold, who was there to ring me up but a guy who used to work in one of my other accounts and now managed the Subway! He greeted me and said "Don't worry about!" as I handed him my credit card (what's cash?). Declining politely, he insisted, I accepted, and off I went with my happy free little lunch!

A huge store next door full of all kinds of gardening junk, furniture, home goods and what not was my next destination, strictly for pleasure. I had nothing big in mind to purchase but it's one of those stores you just have to go into if you're near it. After walking it's labyrinthlike aisles, I came upon tiki torches which we needed for summer festivities in our backyard. And guess what!? They were buy one, get one 50% OFF! And were only 2.99 to start with! Could it get much better? Yes because then I found part of a gift for my aforementioned friends' birthday, and she is not easy to buy for! Yet, another couple of lucky breaks.

I better not jinx myself wondering what else good could happen today, but ya never know. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket......