Friday, May 9, 2008

Surprising social situation!

Last night they had an Art Show at my son's school. I like to take him to things like that because a) he loves to peruse the hallways when he's not expected to do anything or be anywhere at the time and b) the kids in his regular ed class always make a point of saying "Hi" to him and slapping him a high five! I want him to feel like he has connections, even if they are briefly supported in this way. And thusly, he had this occur several times last night.

But I got a little bit of an uplifting surprise when we were out on the playground with a number of other kids taking adavantage of the play structures. Case was climbing around on the large playscape when he started getting really excited, and I noticed he was staring at a particular kid. He was giving this kid full eye contact, and saying "Geico!' in such a way as if he was illiciting a response from the other guy, whose back was to me. I didn't hear the other boy say anything, but Case jumped up and down as if he saw the Geico Gecko walking boy and continued this back and forth a little more. I didn't think the kid had responded, which is par for the course and started speaking to another child I knew. Suddenly, I lost track of Casey, and quickly turned towards the parking lot to see him sort of chasing a car and waving, shouting "Good by Jason, Goodbye, see you tomorrow!" I shouted at him to get out of the parking lot and he commenced to sort of follow the path of the car waving and shouting still till it was out of sight. He then stopped, dropped his arms, and said quietly "See you tomorrow Jason..." Ugh, broke my heart.

After prodding him for information, I went through my memory bank and recalled being at a school swimming event where several kids came and said hi to Case, and then he asked me if a Jason S. was there. I had no idea and asked some of the kids and they said he wasn't. I thought it was interesting then that he had set his sights on one particular friend. Over the past several months, he has mentioned Jason's name in passing, saying "Jason eats wafers too at lunch!" (still not sure what sort of wafers). And of course, he will not give me any more info on Jason.

I have decided to make a point of gathering info on this elusive Jason and seeing if somehow we could buddy up with him over the summer. I think it's big haps when Case connects with someone, and more than likely Jason has no clue what this all means to Casey, or me. But it means the world!