Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Casey Performs!

Hey 8 readers, remember how I was all nervous and anxiety ridden over Casey's performance at the 5th grade winter concert? Well, it was all for not!

He did wonderfully! I was a little nervous at first for him because when we arrived, his teacher was there and told me that apparantly the kids who had volunteered to be his peer buddies that night (aka people to make him stay in his spot and not look like a total nerd) didn't show! Thanks guys. But, she had come only to see him perform but said she would be happy to step in. I was relieved of course and offered to do so myself. She prodded me on to go and sit down and enjoy the show, but to stay close to the area Case would be standing in the bleachers, "just in case".

Luckily, at the last minute some kid did show up to help so it worked out well. Case walked in with the other 10,000 kids in the fifth grade classes and stood where he was supposed to (they put an orange dot on the floor where he stood just to remind him where to stay).

He sang his heart out, and despite a few funky stims due to his excitement, and an attempt to stand on the bleacher in front of him, we felt like he did really well.

He sang 4 songs with the group and then sat out the rest, since some of them were done by just the chicks, and some were sung in round, and some were done with hand movements that were deemed too difficult for Casey to follow. They did this queer "concert etiquette rap" which had some not so tricky arm movements that he wasn't included in. I looked over and watched him where he sat off to the side with his "helper" and teacher, and he was singing and doing some of the same movements. I looked at the kids doing the "rap" and some of them sucked. HHhhhhhmmmmm......let it go Bon.

Anyway, we were very proud of our boy's performance, we were happy that he was up there, joining in and behaving appropriately, for the most part. His teacher beamed with pride as well. Casey was the only kid who participated from her class. That's a bit sad to me, but, that's their parents choice.

The old saying "All that worry over nothing" certainly rang true that night!


rainbowmummy said...

Hmmn, first of all I a so thrilled that it went so well, WAY TO GO CASEY. And its a shame that the other kids from his class didn't join in.

But I don't think you should let it go, you know. If you and Casey both want him to be fully involved then he should be, discrimination shouldn't be evident at a school show. I don't want to upset you or anger you, but I feel I am always saying to myself to let it go, when inside I just want to scream.

Again so magical to hear how well Casey done, you must be one VERY proud mama!!!!!! ps neat idea with the orange dot!

kristi said...

I know how you feel. Last year when TC graduated kindergarten, I was so worried. But he did great. He stood up there and waved and said "HI MOM!"

Way to go Casey!
I think he should have been allowed to do the other thing to but hey, what can you do?

kristi said...

I mean, you can act an ass but I have found that with TC if I do act an ass, the teachers don't seem to care. If I try to somewhat work with them, it is easier for TC. It is hard being a Mom who wants to see their kid involved but teachers who are "scared" to let them be.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy it went well! I have to get caught up here. Have been missing hearing all about Casey. Hugs.

Rebecca said...

Did you ask any teachers about why he wasn't included in the rap and other non-girl-only songs? There could have been a timing issue, like those kids might have been in class at a time or day that Casey wasn't there when that song was taught. Or maybe they tried to teach it to him and he didn't get it the first or second time so they gave up. I would hope they didn't just decide it was too complicated for Casey without letting him try—that's the part I'd want to find out. Even though it will seem like it happened a million years ago when you go back to school in January, I'd have a convo with someone to get the scoop, both so you know and so you can help make it better next time around. That's just my two cents...take it or leave it! ;-)

Mama Mara said...

I have to admit that I am thrilled that my boys are finally done with the school-concert era. I don't think I breathed the entire time my boys were on stage. I hope you took oodles of photos. (I took a few, though I stopped when Taz started giving everyone the finger every time he saw me aim the camera at him).

claire p said...

Yay Casey!!! Jamie was a star in the pre-school nativity last year and I had to stand with him all the time, but he did it. Here in Cornwall there seems to be a diffrent attitude to the rest of the world. All Jamie's doctors, teachers etc have an 'up yours' attitude to the social nicities and just get on with what the kids need. We're very lucky.
Great thet Casey enjoyed it so much. If I don't log on again, Happy Christmas!!xxx.

Anonymous said...

you have 9 readers I made sure of it :)