Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doctor Comes out Against Vaccines and Autism Connection

For those of us in the Autism blogging world, Autismvox is a website well known. Kristina Chew, the writer of this blog was interviewed in this piece that they showed onThe Today Show . If you missed you it, here it is. I wish they would have talked to her more. It was cool to see her and her family. The whole segment is on a book by a doctor who sticks to the idea that vaccines do not cause Autism. If you haven't seen it, take a look.....and then if you feel the need read my two cents after......

Interesting no? I have never been one to think too much about vaccinations in terms of them causing Casey's Autism. He always showed signs, always. Now, could the hep b vaccine that he got the first day of his life have caused something? We will never know. I have always bordered on being quite bored with this whole topic in general, and when people have asked me if I thought shots caused Casey to be Autistic, I say no. Now, my sort of laissez faire attitude towards this shouldn't be misconstrued as not careing about the whole issue. I do have friends who swear vaccines caused their child's Autism. I'm more or less dismissive of the whole thing because I think Casey was born this way, much like Kristina said of her son Charlie.

I did take a stand and stop getting Casey immunized all together at around four years old. That is about the time all this came at me, along with biomed stuff and so on. I chose to stop his immunizations because if there had been damage from prior ones, then why would I continue to put something in him that could possibly be a danger? I agreed with the woman who says that there might be a subset of children who react differently to vaccines. I was never sure, and didn't want to take any chances. To this day, he still hasn't had his full set of immunizations. Oddly, neither did I as a child.

I really try to avoid controversial topics such as this in my blog. I'm more about fun, and sharing stuff about our lives, but I just thought it was an interesting thing that someone would actually threaten a doctor for writing about what he knows a lot about and believes in so strongly. Sometimes, I think people need to get beyond causes, and just get on with life when it comes to their child with Autism!


PreparedCitizens LLC said...

It is easier as a parent to look back at the things that happen to our children and search for a cause. It is better, we think, to blame something, anything, rather than nothing for nothing seems so cruel.

The truth is that no one really knows whether or not vaccines cause autism but more and more studies prove that they can not.

The amount of mercury and the type of mercury is not dangerous or significant enough.

There is more mercury of the bad type in the fish that we eat. Feeding fishsticks to your child could be the cause...

What I am saying is that many more people may not take vaccines or have their children vaccinated because of your words. "Do no harm" applies to the public as well as the medical profession.

The children that die from influenza that could have been prevented, or other diseases, do you want their deaths on your conscience over something that you really are only guessing at?

And yes, it is that serious with a pandemic right around the corner. Seasonal flu vaccine has a beneficial effect in curbing pandemic influenza, even just a little bit helps.

Please be cautious.

Marla said...

Ummm....I think the comment above is a little over the top. "Feeding fish sticks to your child could be the cuase" Wow.

Anyway, there is indeed plenty of proof that vaccines do not cause Autism. I think it is riskier not to vaccinate than to do so.

As a mother of a child with multiple challenges and health concerns it is totally normal for me to question and research whether or not to get my child vaccinated and it is my business to blog on it or not.

Keep on blogging and do write about the tough topics. We are all adults here who can handle the information and gleen from it what we need or don't need.

I love your blog and appreciate reading your take on things.

Maddy said...

Not controversial - now there's a woman that gets my vote. Never come across that newswoman before but I was very impressed.

I don't want my children or anyone else's to suffer or die from Polio. I lived in S.A as a child. I saw the misery, disfigurement pain and suffering.

Thanks for posting that, I ' m not sure how I missed it but I did. Great to see Kristina et al in such a relaxed setting.
BEst wishes

Bonnie said...

Disclaimer:May I just say that I have no idea who the first commenter (preparedcitizens lic)is, nor do I endorse their comments but I just thought I would leave it as I feel like this is an open forum!

Casdok said...

Thank you for the video clip.
Good post :)

Gypsi said...

Its a very tough situation because of the research that has been proven and the explanation that is being given. Vaccines have been proven to contain toxins such as mercury, fermaldehyde (a known cancer causing agent), Phenol (a common disinfectant, dye, and a ddeadly poison), aluminum phosphate (toxic), acetone (a solvent used in FINGERNAIL POLISH), dead animal cells and proteins, Mercury, the list goes on. Vaccine research is outdated and there has been direct evidence that 1 in 150 children vaccinated with the MMR and Measles vaccine have an adverse reaction AND 1 in 150 children are Autistic!!! It is not about to vaccinate or not to vaccinate but more along the lines of Forcing a Safer Vaccination and are they currently worth the risk? Each child is different and its hard to say what might effect your child. As a child I was given only have a dose for vaccines after I repeatedly came home with a high fever. So maybe a smaller dose is the answer or just more time between shots?