Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Annual Halloween Party

Every Halloween our local VFW hall holds a party for kids with disabilities and their family on the Friday before Halloween. We've gone for the past 4 or 5 years now, so this past Friday night was no exception.

It's always the same, you get there, you get in line and a row of friendly old folks give out a name tag, a goody bag, and several treats that you can tell they got from local organizations. After that excitement, you go into the hall and find a table. There is almost always someone we know there, so we sat down with a mom who brought her son with Down's and his "normal" twin. Casey immediately started dancing, as he is always wont to do.

He continued dancing for most of the 2 hours, stopping in between for bites of hot dogs, lots of drinks of pop, and a trip or two to the little Halloween Village (aka painted giant boxes that looked like buildings) where people handed out tons of candy, and my fat butt is so grateful for that! He loved it though, and had a great time. He even asked the dj to play "THe Monster Mash" again, his favorite Halloween tune. He even at one point walked up to a mom there and asked her if she was Sara Palin, because she looked like her, but I don't think she was in costume!

I guess what I love about this party so much is that our kids can look as goofy as they want, they can run around and just be themselves because really no one is judging them, they aren't out of their element. If we had been at a party on the same level but that wasn't for kids with disablitlies, I probably would have corraled Casey more, made him not run across the dance floor, not allowed him to flap around so much, but I didn't have to. There were kids in wheel chairs, with Downs, CP, adults with issues having a great time. And that same feeling I was feeling was almost palpable amongst the friends and family there. Everyone just had a wonderful time. THere were no pitiful or judgemental glances, just happy people being themselves. I don't mean to get corny, but I am sure some of you can definitely relate to that!

By the way, due to my lack of organization and planning, we went to WalMart 30 minutes prior to the party to find a costume. My boy actually chose a pirate costume, perhaps as an hommage to Captain Feathersword from the Wiggles? He looked way cute and kept most of the costume on all night! I of course forgot my camera. I'll have to get some shots on Halloween!


rainbowmummy said...

We have a special needs park we go to, it is a bit far away so we don't go to often. So anyway, the first tim we went I heard this noise. I couldn't figure out what it was, I was looking everywhere, then I found a boy. He was making the noise! He was doing this whilst spinning a bit of string or something and nobody bated an eyelid. This is a place where I can breath, you know?
Sounded like a wonderful party, we will have a cake on halloween. Egg told me "nearly halloween, nearly halloween cake time" I was going totry and explaine, but then I thought sod it, buy a cake, lol.
Now I have the wiggles stuck in my head, we only have 1 twenty minute dvd, aaaagggghhhhh!

kia (good enough mama) said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! So glad you managed to get the boy a costume that he'll keep on. I'm guessing my LIttle Man's costume will last about 5 minutes on Halloween night.... ;)

kristi said...

That is so great!

Osh said...

Evan has always loved Halloween...I do too. I think there is something about putting on a costume and being able to pretend for a bit that makes it so much fun. Well, that and the candy.

Osh said...

oh, Bonnie, I think it took about a month for the Hub email to arrive for approval...hang in there!

Our Family Is His said...

Oy, I would have loved to attend. (by the way, I am from Kia's blog) We went to our church's fall festival and boy was my poor little guy in sensory overload and yet had to be corraled. It made for a very hard day and not so fun event.

kristina said...

So glad to hear about all that dancing! And a great time........ and good to hear that someone else is last minute about the costume thing. We still don't know what Charlie will be!