Thursday, August 7, 2008

Newstations and Protests=FUN!

If you are one of the 5 readers of my blog, then you know that Casey is a big fan of television stations. He even got to tour one in Indy when he visited. Now he has his sites set on a tour of one of our local stations. I won't go into it, but we have a connection and think it could happen, but not until September. If I were smart, I would never have told Casey this, because he has been asking me for a set date of when we are going to the station for days now, and I can't give him one yet!

Anyway, I promised him we would go down to this station which is in downtown Detroit and at least walk around. He of course took it as going in, but I kept telling him this would be a preview for his real tour. We made our way down easily, found a spot to park right in front and proceeded to explore the outside, and take some snapshots of him in front of the stations sign.

Suddenly, he sort of sprinted away and made his way to the front entrance, despite my cries not to, and went into the front doors. I was sprinting too at this point and followed suit. Inside a confused receptionist stared at us as Casey began making his way through the lobby which had an awards case, and various posters of the shows that are on that network. He was thrilled. As I was trying to explain to the kind lady what we were doing, we could see through the security glass the room where the weather forecasters work. Suddenly, much to Casey's delight, the afternoon weather guy walked out and Casey shouted "There's Eric so-in-so!". Luckily, I think the glass was sound proof or else I am certain security would have been called simply on the basis of the crime of yelling that had just occured.

Fearing that our "connection" would come out and think we were stalking him, I thanked the receptionist and swept Casey out of the building. As you can imagine, more yelling ensued, and not the happy sort. We got outside, and I settled him with a walk around the building.

He let me know how unhappy he was about not touring the studio TODAY and he wanted to know when were we going to go in September, blah blah blah. As we returned to the front of the building, we noted a group of college age kids sitting there. I checked the parking meter and with 40 minutes still available, decided we could sit out in front too for a little while and talk about the studio. Suddenly, these kids got up and started forming a line, and the "leader" began shouting "Say not to foreclosure!". Everyone followed suit and began walking in a giant circle in front of the studio.

Casey and I had suddenly become witnesses to an out and out protest march! It was very exciting for Casey, who saw it more as a big group of people walking around cheering rhytmically. He was sort of "stim" danceing along. I told him that this could be breaking news and maybe a reporter and camera crew would come out and talk to the people. Sadly, this never happened. But, one of the marchers, noting Casey's enthusiasm, asked if he would like to join the march! I sorta felt weird about letting him do it, but before I could say no, he was up and walking, arms swinging, shouting "Say no to foreclosure". He had a great time walking up and down the street with everyone. He had no idea what the hell it was all about, and frankly, I never really found out either, but he was really enjoying himself.

I figured this was a good way to let Casey learn what a protest was, especially since he got to participate. Sort of like having all the states memorized at 2 years old, it may not help him now, but perhaps having it in his memory bank will benefit him in some civics or history class, someday! And if nothing else, it was fun, weird fun, but fun! I guess it made up for no tour! I gotta get a date set for that.....


Bobbi said...

That must have been so cool for him!

kristina said...

chance experiences are the best!

maybe you've got a "radical" in the making???!!!?

Osh said...

I'm glad he was able to "protest" lol!