Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camp Conversations

Summer day camp has been a new experience for Casey this year. So far so good, he seems to like it and no fighting me in the morning to not go is always a good sign. He's even begun to give me quite detailed replays of each day when he gets in the car after I pick him up. That is extremely exciting coming from a kid who rarely conversates.

After I picked him up yesterday, we hadn't event reached the car before he started on this tyrade about what his day had been like. It was more of a short play rather than a conversation, and I was apparantly one of the characters in it, played by Casey, who was also playing himself!

"So" he started, as me, I'm assuming, "how was your day at Camp Able Casey?".

"Well," he answered "It was, well, it was an ok day, but it was a rough day!"

Before the real me could ask he inquired, as me "Why was it a rough day?".

"Well," he, as himself said again "I pushed the emergency button in the room!".

I finally got to chime in, as myself, and asked "What happened?"

"Well," he answered, "it made a sound like whoo whoo whoo!".

"Hhhhmm," I replied. "Did you get in trouble?"

"No." he answered and then proceeded on as me "Well, did you have fun today Casey?"

"I don't want to say it was a fun day, but I do want to say it was a little bit of a fun day! Can I say that? It was a little bit fun, but it wasn't really fun." he said, clearly working out a lot of wordage in his brain.

Stunned by so much detail and deep thought on his part, I let him know how proud I was of him for using his words so well.

"But I'm not going to say it was a really fun day! It was a little bit of a fun day!" he repeated, seeming quite emphatic that he wanted me to understand his point!

"Ok," I answered "Got it, and that's ok, everyday can't be really fun, but as long as you had some fun and no one hurt you or talked meanly to you, that's good too." Boy, the conversation was rolling now!

"Can we get pizza?" he asked as he turned up his favorite Spanish station......


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Anonymous said...

That was detailed. I love moments like that. I always wanted to push one of those buttons.;) I bet he won't do that again.