Friday, June 20, 2008

update to whoever

Boy, over 10 days since I've written. I've gotten a bit lazy.

So much has been going on sorta. Case had his last day of 4th grade on the 10th. It was bittersweet. Yet again he is moving to another school, another situation. It should be interesting next year, I was happy to hear that his new teacher is a very experienced speech therapist, that can't be all bad.

Other things are happening that are kinda interesting that I can't talk about because I am not sure who reads this and unfortunately, I really don't want to reveal certain aspects of the excitement. So if you really wanna know, contact me privately. It's Casey related by the way.

We've been trying to work and get in time with Case and all that that entails for the past few weeks until he goes to camp which starts next week. It's a day camp for kids with all sorts of disabilities and I think he's going to have fun. I debated whether it was a good thing for him to be at such a camp but honestly, I don't know how much he would get out of a typie camp and it seems the program is centered around kids like him. Just fun, not too complex, not too sporty, lots of field trips. So, hoping that goes well and I can get rid of some of my guilty about him not being with any kids this summer so far.

He might got for a week in July to stay with the Indy Aunties. I am a little nervous about being at home without him for a full week, but I think if I keep busy, the time should fly, and I know he'll have fun. His one aunt is an OT! Free camp!

And that's about it so far, I hope to blog more regularly as the summer progresses. I have so many specific things I want to address.

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Anonymous said...

Time with the Aunts sounds great. An OT too! Awesome. I want to post more over the summer but it seems harder for me to do so. Too much nice weather.