Friday, May 23, 2008


I was watching the news last night when a story came on about a rape occuring at a local highschool between 2 students in a stairwell that is off limits to everyone but staff. Much of the report focused on kids and parents commenting on "how could this happen", "where were the hall monitors?" they wrapped up the report, the reporter covering closed by saying something to the effect of "it should be known that the 2 students involved are in some special education classes. Mike Whoever, Local 7 News."

Hhhhmmmm, I thought, did he just say what I think he did? Did he just say that the students were involved in special education classes? What the hell? What could that possibly have to do with the matter at hand, one student raped another student! That reporter would never say "and it should be known that the 2 students involved were African American." or "Hindu" or Puerto Rican. I just couldn't imagine what his point was in saying this!

I mean, are we supposed to surmise from know this that it was a totally unusual situation? Were we supposed to think "Oh, they must have been mentally retarded, they didn't know the difference!". I can't say enough that I don't get why he would make a point of relaying that information.

I emailed the studio I felt so strongly about this. I noted that in the 7pm newscast they replayed the story, but that part was left out. Coincidence? Maybe others were offended as well. I don't know, am I wrong to be so offended?

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Marla said...

I am so glad you e mailed the station about that. I take offense to it as well. Terrible!