Sunday, April 13, 2008

There Truly is a Reason for Everything (and Every Situation)

I often find in everyday life with my lovely little boy, that I am put into situations that simply kick me in the ass, wake me up from a self-pitying stupor, or make me go "Gosh I'm lucky!".

Case in point was a birthday party we attended yesterday. It was for a boy who Casey attends school with in his Autistic class. I gotta be honest, I didn't want to take him. This in itself is a sin, because Case really isn't invited to too many birthday parties, so I should have been thanking God that he had the opportunity to do something that most kids get to do practically every weekend. I was being selfish, I didn't want to have to associate with a lot of parents who would inevitably be there because there would be kids with Autism there, and ya just don't leave one poor mother with such a group. I didn't want to make small talk, I didn't want to deal with other's kids (I admit it, I am not a big kid person, seriously), I didn't want to have to chase Casey out of bedrooms and away from computers. The whole thought of the event put me in a bad mood, not to mention I still had to go get the kid a gift, the party was at 4pm, and it was 3:30. But, after much angst and whining (from me), I decided we would go.

So, being in the mood I was in didn't help my reactions to Casey holding his ears through Target, saying he heard "babies" (that's another blog, and oh, it will be written soon). I forgot his headphones that eliminate noise, and he was being especially obnoxious. I was feeling irritated at him, irritated that we were going to this party, irritated that I couldn't find the 99 cent birthday cards. I yelled at him in the car about his acting so silly, aren't I a good mom? I started my woe is me state of mind, why my kid, why does he do this crap.

We got to the party, and it was cold, and damp, and everyone was out in the backyard. Luckily, I think getting there 1/2 hour late was a good thing! We hopped out and was greeted by the mom having the party, and Casey immediately recognized a friend from his class sitting on a porch swing, and he plopped down next to him. They began having a little conversation about what Casey wanted on his pretend pizza the other kid was ordering on a little playphone he had found. My heart swelled, social stuff doesn't come easy for him, duh. He proceeded to jump right on the tractor ride the dad was supplying, participating in a race with all the other boys, and seemingly enjoying himself.

We retreated to the basement for the rest of the festivities. The basement, being in the home of 3 boys, had a tremendous amount of toys. He had a blast playing with all the stuff he doesn't have (and if he did,he wouldn't play with). He was so well behaved especially compared to some of the other Autistic kids there ( and I'm not just saying that, I know my kid can be a brat). One of the children did this constant screech that could make a mummy jump, over and over. One kid was trying to pour his fruit punch into one of the Thomas the Tank Engine water tours on the little railroad track. My kid wanted to know when the birthday boy was going to open presents! And I yelled at him in the car.....

I say there is a reason for every situation because in this instance, Case got a great chance to socialize, as much as he could, and his insensitive, stupid mother got to see many examples of other kids behaviour that made her realize what a great little boy she has despite his foibles due to his Autism. I was glad we went, I know Case was glad we went, and I'm glad my selfish side didn't get the best of me.

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Rebecca said...

Just caught up with your recent entries--you've been prolific! I especially like this one (perhaps because I was involved in the before and after and know all the background). I really like the take-away message about being glad in retrospect that you did something you were dreading.